Raw material of production; pulp that prepared with newspaper, corrugated cardboard and water mixing.
At the past years on production, while newspaper which return and collected was only raw material; corrugated cardboard is begin use as raw-material depending decreased newspaper using according to digitalization trend of world today on this sector. 
Production period is started with prepared the pulp using the right methods of newspaper, corrugated cardboard and water mixing, on pulp preparing tanks suitable to specification the product that will produce.
On next step, paper pulp that carried to tanks on different characteristics gets ready to taking shaping with passed from special operations.
Wet product which obtained after returned to mold form (in forming machines which mountable different molds according to standards and customer requests) are drying suitable to product final weight on drying furnace at fixed temperature according to determined temperature.  
Egg trays are ready to shipment as packaged shapes after the drying operation.
Egg cartons are subjected to addition production methods after the drying operation. Respectively, firstly its subjected to hot-pressing and later follow printing or labelled operations.
In addition of these; the fruit and vegetable trays, industrial and medical trays are produced with apply different production method according to customer requests.


  • An eco-friendly product because of used 100% recyclable paper on its production.
  • Layers of tray are absorbing the shock and protect the product because of compression skill.
  • Compressible, and biodegradable.
  • It contenting cellulose, absorber and hygienic. Ensures breath the products. For a lot of products, this skills are very important.
  • Products may have different shapes and colors for cover the demands on market and marketing.
  • Products are adaptable on all automatic packaging lines.
  • Low to customers costs on transport and storage in thanks to using these products.