Our company was established on 2004 in Denizli province of Turkey. Company which started own activity at 300 m² production area is catch a positive acceleration with good follow the developments on sector and needs on short time.

On passed first 4 years period; with adopt the customer satisfaction and superfine product quality principles as first, it streinchten own team with management and technical team which has over than 30 years experience on sector, Güneş Pulp Moulded Packaging Inc realized important spurt with started the production at the present time factory area in 2008.

Especially since 2008, company has started to produce machines and molds completely domestically with its R&D, design and manufacturing activities, and it has shown its difference in the sector in Turkey.

Today, Güneş Pulp Moulded Packaging Inc continuing the serve to solution partners with near the 100 expert workers on totally 27.000 m² area as 10.000 m² closed and 17.000 m² opened. Daily tray production capacity is over then 1.000.000 piece.

Güneş Pulp Moulded Packaging Inc which one of biggest companies in Turkey; is bring together the last technology equipments with own manufacturing process which follow the innovations. Company is traditionalized to the manufacturing the products that suitable the standards, hold on front the product ranges, qualified and economic.

On own sector, Güneş Pulp Moulded Packaging Inc which supply the trays to each point of Turkey on own sector; also continue the growing on global market with realized the export operations to Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East regions on World.

On next steps; target of the company is to a voice on own sector as global, and is to continue the manufacturing in direction of this plan.

Güneş Pulp Moulded Packaging Inc which doing the production with eco-friendly manufacture mentality; is producing own products using with raw material as 100% recyclable newspapers and corrugated cardboards. In this reason company doing the duty in term of protect the nature as fulfill in full.

Güneş Viol is take firm steps forward increasing its own capacity and product varients according to request that come from sector in thanks to producing its own machines and molds.